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Started by admin 2020-01-07 at 06:52
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Hello dear members!

We want to thank everyone for your support and trust!
Recently, we have received a large number of tickets regarding payment times. All tickets are the same. For some reason, members think that they must receive payment within one day, and some open a ticket after a few hours. We are very surprised by this. Apparently these members are worried about their payment. If you do not trust us, then you do not have to work on our projects. When each member is registered, then he puts a daw in the graph - I agree with the rules. If you do not agree, then you do not need to register and open accounts. Some members manage to dictate their terms. We will stop it.

For the entire time we worked, we tried to process payments as quickly as possible, but apparently many were so used to it that they asked us to process the payment practically instantly. Now we are very disappointed.

We recall the rules that are set out in bold in the Terms of Service:
All payments will be made within 5-15 business days after being requested if the payment processor services are not down. Some times it will take 30 calendar days.

From today, all payments will be processed depending on your membership.
Payment Processing Time:
Standards - on the 12th day
Bronze - on the 10th day
Silver - on the 8th day
Golden - on the 7th day
Platina - on the 5th day
Ultimate - on the 5th day
This is the minimum wait for each member (maybe the wait can be up to 15 days)

You don’t need to send us a ticket before the payment processing deadline! We are tired of answering the same thing to everyone. You have a membership - there is a deadline for receiving a payment! If someone does not like their waiting period for payment, you can buy a membership at a higher rate and reduce the waiting time! We hope everyone understands us.

Have a nice day everyone

Best regards,
Earnhomebux / Bestmoneybux team
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Thanks. Agree with you.
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Processing time for Golden membership is not mentioned?
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Golden membership withdrawal time is not mentioned
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Processing time for Golden membership is not mentioned?

Admin will fix it.
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