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Point contest questions

Started by HighJoke 2019-11-19 at 10:50
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Hello everyone,

I am a little confused because I don't quite understand what "The Top of the last 30 days" means.
Like does it mean that the members with the most points in the last 30 days win even if they are not in the top 50 but still in the top 100? Or does it mean that any members who are the top 10 regardless of points win?

Best regards.
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Dear Member,
The validity of point contest is 30th October to 29th November server time at 0:00. Who will get more point within this time will be winner. If a member will deposit more and get highest point in last day he also will be winner. In a word who get more point from 30th October to 29th November server time at 0:00 will be winner.

Best Regards
Md Shamirul Islam
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Thank you for the info and your fast reply.

Best regards



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